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Pirelli Tyres

Track technologies for on-road driving

Pirelli is the fifth largest of the tyre manufacturers in the world.  They span 22 global manufacturing sites and have branches in 160 countries. 

Pirelli began their journey in Milan back in 1872 founded by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, and from this time they have gone from strength to strength and can now claim to be a market leader in the tyre industry. 

Pirellis strengths can be seen in its exclusivity with Formula One for the 2017-2019 period.

Pirelli tyres are well known for their continual investment in tyre research and development and consumers can be extremely confident in the performance and reliability that comes with the Pirelli brand. 

Pirelli are not only a market leader in performance tyres but also are hugely involved in tyre ecology. The Pirelli tyre ranges are all environmentally friendly at both the manufacturing point and over the lifetime of the tyre. 

Choose a Pirelli Tyre and you won't be disappointed.

Pirelli tyres are designed for optimum performance and excellent handling.

The Pirelli P Zero Range

The Pirelli P Zero range is the most popular tyre available in their premium range. 

  • Asymmetric tread designed for even wear
  • Three solid central ribs for improved contact with the road
  • ‘A’-rated for wet grip, 

The Pirelli Cinturato Range

Pirelli’s P1 Cinturato Verde is the all round tyre.

  • Designed for a comfortable ride and high mileages
  • Tread pattern designed for increased stability and safety in both wet and dry weather
  • Lower fuel consumption and reduced Carbon Dioxide emissions

Pirelli Off-road Tyres

For drivers of 4x4s and SUVs 

  • Balanced tread and shoulder profile for increased stability 
  • Lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions 
  • Reduce noise

Our expert tyre technicians at Bourne Car & Van Hire in Bourne, Lincolnshire are here to guide you step by step in making the right tyre choice for you.

At Bourne Car & Van Hire,Bourne, Lincolnshire we stock an extensive range of Pirelli Tyres to suit both your budget and your driving requirements.

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