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For all those who are looking for cheap tyres, there is now a solution.  

Bourne Car & Van Hire! 

If you want to save money, you do not have to sacrifice quality at the same time. On the website, anyone interested will find the right tyres for their car. Whether summer, winter or all-season tyres - here you will find them. 

The only thing you need is the data of your tyres, which can be easily found on the sidewall of your tyre or your vehicle documents. To make it even easier to understand, all functions and figures on the website are well explained. All you have to do is type in the right data and select the type of profile. In this way, you decide whether it is summer or winter tyres. After detailed input, you will receive a wide range of inexpensive and suitable tyres for your car. Please do not worry if you can't afford to buy high-end, expensive tyres. Here you can find tyres for every budget and even our cheap tyres are of very decent quality. If you also want the tyres fitted, we can certainly do it for you. With your order, you can just choose a suitable fitting appointment.  If you want to buy cheap tyres, you should know in advance that the ones we sell at Bourne Car & Van Hire, are specially selected for our customers. We want to make sure you are safe.   

The correct address for summer and winter tires is There you will find cheap tires that fit perfectly with your car. Thanks to precise information and excellent employee service, you are well advised. 

Cheap tyres - Bourne - Bourne Car & Van Hire! 

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