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Tyres are one of the most important parts of the vehicle because they are the link between the car and the road surface. They play a key role in the driving stability and cornering behaviour of the car and should, therefore, be chosen with care. 

When is the next car tyre purchase due? 

According to studies, car tyres must be replaced approximately every three to four years; this value also depends on the number of miles driven and on the age of the tyres when purchased. It often helps to look at the DOT on the car tyre, which tells you when the tyre was produced. Important information is also the tread depth and the condition of the material - is it already porous? Is the minimum profile density lower? Then it's time to change the tyres. 

Which tyre is right for me? 

If you want to buy car tires, you should first think about what kind of tyres you need. Although occasionally vehicle owners make their choice on a tyre brand such as Continental, it is not always the right approach. If you live in a region with moderate weather conditions and do not want to drive at high speeds, then you can set more objective criteria and think about the purchase of an all-weather tyre in the first place. However, season-specific car tyres such as summer tyres and winter tyres are optimised for the seasons of the year, so they wear out relatively less and offer greater safety reserves. At the same time, if you want to buy suitable tyres for yourself and your driving style, you must also pay attention to the characteristics that are most important to you in the case of a tyre - should it have a quiet rolling noise? Is maximum traction or the behaviour of the tyre in aquaplaning the decisive criterion? Also worth considering is the purchase of a tyre with emergency running characteristics - a so-called run-flat tyre can still cover a few miles despite a damage. Orientation is also provided by the regular tyre tests of automobile clubs (RAC, AA etc.) or the press. They test the tyres in terms of various relevant factors and classify them. Many people check the test results in magazines or on the Internet before buying car tyres. 

An alternative to buying locally - buy tyres online at Bourne Car & Van Hire. 

Buying car tyres online is cheap and comfortable - you can search precisely according to its sizes and very systematically choose what you want. You will find a variety of manufacturers under one roof - and not only in the low-cost segment, but also tyres from well-known manufacturers. 

But of course, this does not mean, you have to buy online from us. If you want to buy your new tyres directly at our shop, please come to see us. We will be happy to help you. 

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