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Are you looking for 4x4 Tyres for your vehicle?

If you are looking to purchase 4x4 tyres online then here at Bourne MOT & Service Centre we can offer a vast array of 4x4 tyres to meet all your requirements at the most competitive prices. 

Your questions answered:

Are 4x4 tyres the same as everyday All-terrain, just bigger?

Yes, they are, of course, larger but that isn't the only difference. Depending on your specific need we can supply the correct 4x4 tyre solution. For mums using their 4x4 for the school run, for example, there is the 4x4 on-road tyre. For the more adventurous we can supply high quality 4x4 off-road tyres, and for the all-rounder, the all-terrain tyre would be a must-have.

Ok, but how are the tyres different?

Let us start by covering the road tyres. These tyres are uniquely designed to retain the grip on mud, grass, snow, and dirt. The tread on these tyres is a lot deeper; they also have more significant gaps in between them than the average car tyre. On a muddy surface, a road tyre's shallow tread would become clogged with mud which would lead to a loss of traction; this is crucial to ensure proper optimum grip. 

4x4 off-road tyres are manufactured with much more substantial and widely spaced treads for better traction. They will undoubtedly offer better performance when navigating difficult ground. Any good off road tyre should also feature a much stronger carcass than on road tyres, accounting for challenging terrain and therefore a higher risk of damage.

Invest in off-road tyres when you expect to use your vehicle in extreme mud, rocky surfaces, and variable conditions, or if you use your 4x4 for agricultural work. If you use your 4x4 car on the road for more than a third of the time you use it, then off-road tyres may not be the right choice for you. Off-road tyre users should typically use their vehicle off the road around 80% of the time, and see increased wear and tear if they are used on roads more than necessary. These tyres are uniquely designed with advanced tread technology, built to withstand the roughest terrain.

All-terrain tyres are perfect for drivers who use their 4x4 or SUV both on and off the road as they provide enhanced grip and better performance.

We hope you found this information helpful and if you are looking to purchase 4x4 tyres online from us here at Bourne Car & Van Hire then enter the tyre size required or your vehicles registration number, and within seconds you will get a highly competitive price. Alternatively, if you are looking for further advice then give us a call today on 01778 393 888. 

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