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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?

Bourne Car & Van Hire take great pride in offering the very best in high-quality tyres in the Lincolnshire area. Whatever your need then we can help.

Summer tyres were mainly known for being a typical regular tyre up until the production of the winter tyre. Winter tyres were manufactured to allow enhanced safety in icy and snowy conditions. Summer tyres are uniquely designed to provide far superior levels of higher performance, resistance against aquaplaning and enabling reduced braking distances when the temperature reaches 7oc and higher.

If it is a high-performance tyre you are after then a summer tyre is the ideal choice as they are designed for agility and speed in mind. The tyre has been uniquely designed using a rubber compound which is softer than that of a winter tyre and allows better traction and grip to the ground, therefore, enhancing stability to enable higher levels of performance, improved braking, and cornering. When the temperature exceeds 7oc this is the time to get your summer tyres fitted, as they are far safer in warmer temperatures. There is also a huge difference in tread patterns as summer tyres will offer an enhanced performance in the wet as the unique tread pattern is designed to help disperse excess water to prevent aquaplaning. It also has a more rounded outline which lowers the risk of rolling resistance enabling better grip.

The main benefits of purchasing a Summer Tyre are:

  • Improved speed and agility
  • Receptive steering
  • Enhanced road holding performance
  • Lower risk of aquaplaning
  • Greater grip
  • Better performance in the wet
  • Reduced braking distances
  • Stable cornering
  • Minimal noise
  • Reduced fuel consumption

If you drive more than 4000 miles per annum, drive in mixed conditions, require comfort, minimal noise and increased fuel efficiency then we highly recommend you choose a Summer Tyre.

If you are concerned about not having the space to store your tyres, then we are more than happy to save them for you in our secure workshop for a nominal fee and will remind you when we feel they should be changed over.

To purchase your summer tyres from us here at Bourne Car & Van Hire then why not use our online facility by entering the tyre size you require or your vehicle registration number, and within a couple of clicks, you will receive a very competitive price. Alternatively, if it’s further advice you need then give us a call on 01778 393 777 or visit and speak to one of our highly skilled technicians who will be happy to offer to advise.

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