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Are you looking for Run Flat Tyres for your vehicle?

Why not explore our extensive range of Run-flat tyres here at Bourne Car & Van Hire. We have compiled a definitive guide to the benefits of having Run-flat tyres over conventional.

Have you ever wondered what Run Flat Tyres are?

Run-flat tyres are uniquely designed to allow you to drive an additional 50 miles after encountering a puncture, therefore, allowing you to get home or to a nearby garage. Due to the specific construction of Run-flat tyres reduces the risk of potentially dangerous blow outs.

How are Run-flat tyres different?

The reinforced sidewalls on Run-flat tyres are designed to temporarily hold up the weight of your vehicle in the event of a puncture.

Can Run Flat tyres be repaired?

Most vehicle manufacturers do not recommend repairing Run-flat tyres as it is impossible for a tyre technician to determine the length and the speed the tyre has been driven on after the puncture. For example, the strength of the tyre may have been compromised.

Can you retro fit Run-flats?

This is possible, but there are a couple of factors worth considering:

Your vehicle must have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System as this signals a loss of tyre pressure to the driver and ensures they drive within the limitations of the punctured tyre. Due to the more rigid construction of Run-flats, the suspension of your vehicle may need altering to compensate.

Can you have both Run-flats and Conventional tyres?

We would advise against this as the handling of the vehicle may be altered. Similarly, we would further recommend not to mix different tyre brands across the axles of a car, for example, the same tyre brand on both back wheels.

How long do Runflats last?

If the correct tyre pressures are maintained, then Run-flats should have a comparable lifespan to those of conventional tyres.

Can I use Run Flats if towing?

Yes, you can, but extra care is needed as the increased weight causes increased stress on the punctured tyre. We recommend you reduce the distance speed you travel on a deflated Run-flat when towing another vehicle, e.g., a caravan. Always refer to your manufacturer's handbook if in doubt.

Can Run-Flat tyres be used on Caravans and Trailers?

Due to the absence of TPMS, Run-flat tyres should not be used.

Vehicles fitted with Run Flat as 'Original Equipment' (OE)

Many leading vehicle manufacturers are opting to fit new cars with run-flat tyres. This negates the need for a spare tyre or tyre changing equipment as a standard option.

To order your Run-Flat tyre from us here at Bourne Car & Van Hire why not use our online ordering tool by entering the tyre size you require or your vehicle's registration number and within seconds you will receive a highly competitive price. Alternatively, if at all unsure then give us a call on 01778 393 888.

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