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No compromise on safety, comfort or pleasure

Continental began trading in October of 1871, surprisingly not only did they make tyres for bikes and carts, they also produced waterproof fabrics, toys balls and foot wear.

Originally the great demand for bicycle tyres influenced the company to produce air cushioned tyres that could be pumped up.

In 1892, Continental was the first company to begin production of a pneumatic tyre in Germany. The motor industry was quickly developing in Germany. German manufacturers were helped by Continental’s engineers to develop their first treaded automobile tyre in 1904. This was quickly followed by the invention of the removable wheel rim which reduced the time taken to change a tyre.

The company became the leading brand in Germany and by 1910 they had opened branches in countries including Great Britain, Italy, Romania and the Scandinavian countries.

In 2003, Continental along with Yokohama and Bridgestone developed the run-flat tyre system.

Today, the Continental Automotive Group employs over 87,000 personnel, in over 170 locations worldwide and rank in the top 5 automotive suppliers in the world. 

This is German engineering at its best, delivering outstanding braking, performance and handling.

Continental’s range of tyres includes car, van and 4x4 tyres. Developed to offer ultimate performance, even in the worst weather conditions. 

Continental has invested greatly in their research and development team, and has many years of experience.  Continental tyres are designed with both maximum safety and ride comfort in mind.

Continental the Facts:

Many manufacturers fit Continental tyres to their new vehicles built in Europe, as many as one in three manufacturers in fact. 

Being tested by independent experts, Continental has proved to exceed the demands stated on the EU tyre label with their award winning tyres.

Safety is at the heart of everything, and with Continental employing over 200,000 experienced personnel, in 53 countries striving to produce and deliver to an impeccable standard.  

At Bourne Car & Van Hire in Bourne, Lincolnshire, we stock a vast range of Continental Tyres. If you are looking for premium car, van and 4x4 tyres in the Continental range, our experts will be happy to find the right tyre for you.

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