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Are you looking for Engine Diagnostics for your vehicle?

Having faults diagnosed and rectified immediately can help prevent further damage to your vehicle.

Your dashboard is designed to keep you up to date on how your vehicle is performing and provide information about the systems in use. 

When there is a fault with your vehicle, an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) will usually notify you by displaying a fault warning on you dash. An Engine Control Unit (ECU) is an on-board vehicle computer. This computer continually monitors the complex systems of the vehicle, reporting back to the ECU on any problems detected.

If your vehicle is indicating that there is a problem with your vehicle by way of an illuminated light, or if you are unsure of the meaning of a warning light, you should contact us at Bourne Car and Van Hire in Bourne, Lincolnshire for an Engine Diagnostics Test as soon as possible. 

In most cases it will either be the engine light, the brake light, or some other warning light that will illuminate alerting you to a problem. 

The lights are generally colour coded, red, yellow or green

As you would expect, red indicates a potential safety issue and you should stop driving the vehicle immediately. 

Yellow dashboard lights usually mean something needs to be repaired or serviced.

Green is to confirm that a system is activated.

Most commonly seen Warning Lights:

  • The Brake System Light 
  • This might be indicating that the brake fluid level is low or may be leaking
  • The parking brake is on 
  • A problem with the anti-lock braking system (ABS). 

Engine Coolant Temperature

  • This warning light is serious and will illuminate when your engine is too hot
  • Your coolant level is too low 
  • A fault with the coolant temperature sensor

Engine Oil Pressure 

  • The engine oil pressure warning light will indicate when the oil pressure is low
  • A fault with the engine oil pressure sensor


  • The battery/charging light will indicate a problem with the battery, where the battery voltage level is below normal
  • The charging system is not functioning properly. 

Anti-Lock Brake System

  • The anti-lock brake system light indicates there is a fault with the ABS system.

You can see from the above a few of the reasons that you may have a warning light on your dashboard.  You may also see a light warning you of a less serious issue such as low washer fluid, seatbelt reminder or low fuel.

If your vehicle is giving you a warning and you are unsure what it means, it is important that you seek advice and book in for an Engine Diagnostic Check.

What is involved in an Engine Diagnostic Check?

The engine diagnostic check will scan all of the many complex systems involved within your vehicle, and then compile a list of problems and provide error codes.  

Performing a diagnostic check can save valuable time when investigating a fault on your vehicle and can reduce the risk of the problem potentially getting worse and becoming more serious and more expensive to resolve.

A diagnostic check might also highlight any problems with emissions and fuel consumption.

In some cases an engine diagnostic scan can detect an issue where there has not been a warning light given. 

Our fully trained and qualified diagnostic technicians at Bourne Car and Van Hire in Bourne, Lincolnshire have the knowledge, experience and a vast range of specialist equipment to diagnose any issue with you vehicle.

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