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If you are looking for performance tyres for your sports car, you will find numerous models from the UHP segment here on our Bourne Car & Van Hire website. 

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Racing tyres on the road: UHP tyres 

Performance tyres or Ultra-high-performance tyres are also referred to as "road racing tyres". But what is actually the difference between sports tyres and normal car tyres?  

Is it really advisable to drive these kinds of sports tyres on private vehicles? 

UHP tyres on a sports car 

Performance- or UHP tyres usually have a very low cross-section. 

Race tyres are designed especially for motorsports. As a rule, they are not allowed for road use. However, there are also sports tyres for private use.  

For the summer tyre segment, the following classes can be distinguished: 


High-performance (HP) 

Ultra High Performance (UHP) 

UHP tyres are classified according to two criteria: 

Speed class (velocity indices V, W, Y or ZR) 

Profile cross-section (ratio of tyre edge to tread width is 45 percent or less) 

Race tyres allow high speeds 

Racing tyres, sports tyres and UHP tyres all come from the motorsport segment in terms of their technological development. The construction and material properties of the tyres make it possible to drive at higher speeds than with regular standard tyres. For this, however, a reduction in the wet grip performance and the material life has to be accepted. Owners of high-performance vehicles, however, appreciate the good grip, the stable cornering and the short braking distances offered by ultra-high-performance tyres from manufacturers such as Pirelli or Michelin.  

Please note: 

Real racing tyres without a profile may not be used on the road. According to Road Traffic Licensing Regulations, tyres must have a profiling that is at least 1.6 millimetres deep (experts strongly recommend at least 3mm for summer tyres and 4mm for winter tyres). 

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