Container storage

Container storage facilities in Bourne, Lincolnshire. 

Many homes and other properties have little or no extra space to store certain goods, whether it's moving house when two households become one,  large items you are not sure yet what to do with, winter tyres that have no space in your home or garage, or perhaps even a seasonal car? 

There are also many students among, who need space for their belongings at short notice, be it during a longer stay abroad or because of moving to a smaller student flat. 

Maybe the name does not suggest it straight away, but at Bourne Car & Van Hire you can also rent storage containers! 

Stocking made easy! 

Store surplus goods & household goods easily and cheaply in our containers. 

Maximum security 

Uncompromising safety for your stored goods! Our sea containers are secured against theft and are located in an extra secured area. In addition, there are staggered insurance options to choose from. 

Rent storage containers in Bourne 

Are you looking for a solution to gain additional storage space for your furniture, sports equipment or your tools? In a rented storage container, you can comfortably store any items. 

Safe storage for small money 

Your attic is already filled, there is no basement and you have no space in the garage? Or do you live in a small apartment that has little storage space available? 

Why not rent a storage container and create new storage space? 

If you own larger items that you would like to store temporarily or for a longer time, renting a storage container is an optimal solution. At the place of your choice, in a room protected from wind, water and theft, you can store everything you cannot fit in your home: furniture, files, car tyres, hobby or sports equipment... 

Individual solutions for your storage 

In order to offer you enough storage space, the right storage container for every need can be rented. In the respective offer, both the size of the container and other data can be viewed. 

With all rental offers, you can trust in stability, safety and high quality of storage containers. Not only a robust locking of the door is part of the equipment, but partly the containers are also equipped with light or shelves. 

What should be considered when renting? 

The longer you need the storage container, the lower your monthly rental rates are. 

The right storage in the storage container 

Once you have rented a storage container from us, you can begin to load it. But here it is important to note some peculiarities in order to use the gained storage space as skillfully as possible. 

Flat objects should be ajar against the container walls and secured there so that they take up little space. 

Generally, of course, heavy parts should be stored on the ground, while light goods can be placed on top of them. 

Through a shelf, even small parts can be stored in an orderly manner. 

In contrast to storage in damp cellars, when storing your property in a rented storage container, you must pay less attention to the risk of mould. But even in a dry environment, sufficient air should be able to circulate your furniture and other objects. 

For this purpose, we recommend the storage of larger items on pallets, so that the bottom can be ventilated. As a dust-protecting cover, air-permeable materials such as cloth sheets should be used. 

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